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Hi Sam, 

this is my Metapost recorded in youtube!! watch and listen better then reading!! hope you like this Idea.. I can express better with talking rather than writing.. it is only five minutes hope it’s not long for you… a brief summary of problems I had and some that I could fix ^_^ 


Fahad Almutairi

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ESP Testing video explanation
Here’s the special secret behind a brilliant online video magic trick from two funny magicians called Barry and Stuart. You’ll be able to freak out your friends when you do it for them and make them think they’re psychic.

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Anytime I travel anywhere, I like to take full advantage of my time there. So before I go to Kuwait I guess I should sit down and make up a list of stuff of things I want to do while I’m there. Not a minute wasted =)

  1. Kuwait Towers- This is like the number one most important thing people think…
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Midnight Street. #xpro1 #Kuwait #4t4pro #street #الكويت #شارع (Taken with instagram)


Midnight Street. #xpro1 #Kuwait #4t4pro #street #الكويت #شارع (Taken with instagram)

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PPDG Penthouse by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos
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We’ve all been there.  You feel like you nailed a recent job interview, but your phone isn’t ringing with an offer on the other end.  Each hour that goes by is agonizing, and you’re contemplating when you should email or call the hiring manager for an update.

But, if you think about it from the company’s standpoint, you’ll understand that bringing on a new employee is often one of the lowest priority tasks they have.  Things come up, and calling that job candidate back suddenly becomes less important.

Knowing this, it is important to follow up and ask for updates to keep you fresh in the hiring manager’s mind.  But, you want to tread lightly here.  If you’re too persistant, you could see the job slip away from you.

Click the link above and follow these guidelines for how to follow up the right way.

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Hey guys,

look at this link and see how this guy is so crazy about Michael Jackson that he became just like him!! ;) he is kuwaiti guy from Kuwait! ^^ enjoy..

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